Passionate Visions of Henry Cavill

Seemed like it might be fun to post this really dreamy collage we found of Henry Cavill in different passionate poses. ;) This collage and more can be found at the Henry Cavill Fans Facebook Page.

Scott Speedman

We loved him in Underworld.  It was also great to see him again in The Vow.  Anyone remember him from Felicity?

Are You Team Jacob?

You all know that the final installment of the Twilight Saga - Breaking Dawn Part 2 was released in movie theaters this month.   And if you're Team Jacob, you were probably thinking there was not enough of him in this movie.  Well, here's a collage we found that you could enjoy until Stephanie Meyer decides to write more about Jacob...

#twilight saga, #breakingdawn, #jacobblack, #teamjacob

Sexiest Man Alive 2012

Right now, a lot of women are probably wishing they were Jenna Dewan Tatum...well, tickle yourself today.  Instead of one collage, here's some Channing Tatum eye candy for you to enjoy your day!

Enjoy your day!!!

Remember Felicity?

Dunno if any of you are old enough to remember these guys from the old TV series FELICITY. If you are...have FUN!