A is for A-OK and Adrian

"It's enough to indulge and to be selfish but true happiness is really when you start giving back."
~Adrian Grenier

Adrian Grenier is an American actor, producer, director and musician who is probably best known for playing Vincent Chase in the award-winning HBO TV series Entourage.  He also became a teen love interest in the 1999 hit "Drive Me Crazy" which also starred Melissa Joan Hart. 

July 10, 2017 marks Adrian Grenier's  41st birthday.  Happy Birthday, Adrian!!!

Happy Birthday, Milo

Happy Birthday, Milo Ventimiglia! 

July 8 is Milo Ventimiglia's birthday. He turns 40 this year (2017). He's an amazing actor, as we all know. You can watch him regularly as Jack Pearson on NBC's This is Us series. Catch the episodes you've missed online at http://www.nbc.com/this-is-us/episodes

Wonder Woman's Leading Man

Chris Pine
The new Wonder Woman movie from Warner Bros./ DC Entertainment is a box office blockbuster right now...and it isn't even peak movie season yet!  While Gal Gadot is amazing as Diana Prince and Wonder Woman, isn't great to have Chris Pine play the leading male role, Captain Steve Trevor?

Happy Father's Day!

So that's where Chris Hemsworth gets his good looks from...his father!  His dad sure is one hunk of a man, too!

Check him out here, too, when Chris was just a little boy with his brother. And today, Chris is just an amazing father himself, enjoying his non-work days spending quality fun time with his own kids.  What a great family! 

Image Sources: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-3773204/Chris-Hemsworth-posts-flashback-picture-family-wife-Elsa-posts-similar-picture-Chris-children.html

Hey Wrestling Fans!

Hey, Wrestling fans...guess who's celebrating his 32nd birthday on Thursday, May 25th?  Leati Joseph AnoaŹ»i, aka Roman Reigns!  Happy Birthday, Roman!!!

Arthur Vs Ragnar

So these two male showbiz hotties have been compared to one another...sometimes mistaken for one another. Hmm...One plays the future King Arthur in the recently released cinematic film "King Arthur: Legend of the Sword."  The other plays Ragnar Lothbrok, a Viking legend in the History Channel series, "Vikings." You take your pick!