Channing Tatum's Smokin' Hot Bod

Just couldn't resist sharing this...Channing Tatum knows how to give our eyes plenty to enjoy!  ;)  This was created by theodhad85-d4gawen at Deviant Art.

Where are you, Eric Dane?

Here's another hottie we're gonna miss on Thursday nights when Grey's Anatomy ends...or will it? 

Nikki Sixx - still sexy after all these years

If you're into rock music, you know what a talent Nikki Sixx is. For someone who nearly died from abusing his body with heroin in the past, he's made an awesome comeback and still manages to look hot! 

I Wanna Be On That Battleship

Who wouldn't want to be on a Battleship with Alexander Skarsgard?  Have you gone out to see the movie yet?  Well, what are you waiting for?!

Jason Statham

Are you a big fan of Jason Statham, too?  Digi-Gal Designer, Liggybee, created this collage using the online collage maker at 

Justin Bieber Boyfriend

If you're a "Be-lieber" you'll like this...if not, oh well!!!  He's the celebrity with the most Klout!  This came from Pao Cassidy at Pic-Collage.  Let's just say this one's for our young hotties fans.  :)