Channing Tatum's Movies

Wow, someone took the time to make a collage of Channing Tatum's movies...I think it might need to be updated now, though!  We need Magic Mike here...but then again, we'd want Magic Mike alone, right?  ;)

Henry Cavill

Looking back at Henry Cavill playing Charles Brandon, 1st Duke of Suffolk, in The Tudors...hmmm...

Colin Egglesfield

I wonder why I never heard of Colin Egglesfield until people starting talking about him as a possible pick for the role of Christian Grey (50 Shades of Grey). 

Following Jared Leto

Now that's a wallpaper Jared Leto (or 30 Seconds to Mars) fans can enjoy!!! Click on the picture to get the full-size image and download for your PC. :)

Why We Love Johnny Depp

Ah, here's why we love Johnny Depp so much...thanks to nadine2390 on Deviant Art for making our eyes happy with this collage.

Taylor Kitsch Hotness

Can we say hot, hot, hot?  Yes, if we're looking at Taylor Kitsch...Thanks to The_Rogue_Whisper for creating this wallpaper for fans.

Johnny Depp Forever

I don't think we can ever grow tired of Johnny Depp.  This hottie collage was made by nadine2390 on Deviant Art.

Hot for Channing?

I liked the way this wallpaper was designed but you're probably more interested in the fact that Channing Tatum is in, aren't you?  ;)

A Rockin' Hottie - James Michael

Music producer, musician, singer,, James Michael is just irresistibly talented!  And quite a hottie, too!  Digi-Gal Designer, Liggybee, put this together using the online collage maker at

Eric Bana Is It!

Such a great actor, and such a great-looking guy...Eric Bana, you're it!  This came from PixieDust01 at Deviant Art.