Obsessed with Tom Hiddleston?

This is the kind of thing you'd find on the wall or a tabletop of someone absolutely obsessed with Tom Hiddleston...nice...  ;)

Robert Pattinson Unattached

So maybe Twi-hards are sad that RPattz and KStew broke up (again) but we still love them both separately, don't we? 

Happy Father's Day!

HAPPY FATHER'S DAY to all the wonderful fathers in the world.  We know there are a lot of deserving "hot daddys" out there in showbiz (this is the maleshowbiz hotties blog after all), but today we thought we'd feature Chris Hemsworth!  Proud father of baby girl, India Rose, and awesome hubby to a hot wife, Elsa Pataky.  We wish you all the very best!!! 

Adorable Ian

Seems like a very long wait before the next season of The Vampire Diaries starts up again...

Ryan Gosling Sighting?

 Check out that chest!  And that adorable face!  No wonder people around his new movie set get so excited when they think they have a Ryan Gosling sighting!!!